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Ocean Animal Study by the 3 year-old class…

We began by asking each child, “What projects do you want to make?” During our group discussion of what projects we wanted to make, one child came up with the idea of turning our loft into an ocean.

First we used blue cellophane for water and yellow paper and sand to create the ocean floor. Next, we added tissue paper seaweed. Finally we used stencils to create different sea animals, cutting them out and decorating them before finding the perfect spot for them to swim in the ocean.

  • What do we need to make an ocean?
  • seahorse and stingrays
  • We should use green paper for
  • seahorse, rocks and lots of seaweed…
  • octopus, turtles…
  • seahorses, goggles
  • You also need some dolphins…
  • ocean animals and water…
  • sharks, crabs…
  • spook fish and seahorses
  • We need something to protect our nose…
  • seahorse mask for eyes..b
  • lots of seaweed and a sunken net…
  • a diver…
  • rocks with a dolphin…
  • a diver with sharks

Once our loft ocean was complete, the children learned about different ways to explore the ocean, including submarines. We discussed the different parts of the submarine and planned how we wanted to make our own using a box and recyclable materials. The children went to work making a submarine for our ocean.


Physical development and Health: 19.A.ECb Engage in play using fine motor skills.
Fine Arts: 26.B.ECc Use creative arts as an avenue for self-expression.
Social/Emotional development: 31.A.ECb Exhibit eagerness and curiosity as a learner.


The children explored sea shells. We discussed how all sea shells are different: some are white, some are colored, some are smooth, some are bumpy, some are round, and some are long.




We read Eric Carle’s Mister Seahorse and discussed the different things we learned about seahorses. We also created a tissue collage seahorse to make our own ‘Mister Seahorse’.


We made sand dough. We followed a recipe and everyone got a chance to mix it together.
Mathematics: 7.A.ECa Demonstrate a beginning understanding of measurement
Social/Emotional: 32.ECb Begin to share materials and experiences and take turns.


The children were able to experiment with Japanese fish printing, also know as Gyotaku. The finished print not only taught the students a new art form, but also provided them with an entirely different way to study the body structure of a fish.
Science: 12.CEC Make comparisons among objects that have been observed.

And, we do so much more…hope you will join us!

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