Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center

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Our new school was built onto the existing Church building. Our entrance to the center is located off
2nd street adjacent to the parking lot.
Our playground was designed by educational specialists with a background in the Reggio Emilia philosphy. It has a sand box, water table, art easel, magnetic building wall, bike paths, climbing equipment, a little play house and gas station as well as shaded tables that allow teachers to have outside classes when the weather permits.

All 6 classrooms were purposefully built with young children and education in the plans. Each room is equipped with bathrooms sized for children’s growing independence. Classrooms reflect the Reggio approach, creating a home environment with soft, warm colors, wood furniture, framed pictures and a language rich surroundings.

Each room is built with large windows to view the outside world and to allow the sunshine throughout the class. The classrooms create a calming influence while stimulating learning.

Each room has its own art center, exploration table and loft.
Our teachers are always fully involved!
Birthdays are celebrated allowing classmates to recognize and appreciate each child’s unique person.

Security — Your child’s safety is important to us. All doors are locked and entrance is only available through the day care and administrative security monitor. Each classroom has its own intercom and telephone system. All children and visitors must sign in and out of the school. Children are only released to people authorized by their parents.

Maintenance — Our property board and maintenance staff make certain that all of our school’s safety and maintenance needs are met. We take great pride in knowing our equipment, furniture, buildings, and grounds are always maintained at the highest standards for safety and excellence. Classrooms are cleaned daily and major cleaning is done when children are not on the premises.