Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center


What they see...

...is what they play!

Our programs are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to Early Childhood Education. Newsweek magazine named the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy as one of the top ten schools in the world, the only early childhood program to ever receive this distinction. The Reggio philosophy builds the curriculum based on the interests of the children. Projects are in-depth explorations of topics that are motivated by the excitement and curiosity of young children. The school has DCFS certification. We aspire to maintain high standards for our teaching staff, our programs and our commitment to local families.

Each class in Zion’s ECEC is staffed with two teachers; however, in the Reggio approach the environment is considered the “third teacher.” The classroom is planned to inspire, nurture and encourage discovery. Every corner of every space has an identity and purpose that provides opportunities for learning.

The outside playground for the ECEC offers an additional space for exploration: there is a work bench, sand area, picnic tables, climbing equipment, water tables, an art area with easel, a playhouse and a shaded deck where an outside class can take place if appropriate. The design takes into account the developmental characteristics and learning style of each child. Weather permitting, outdoor play is desirable. When the weather keeps us inside however, we are fortunate to have a specifically designed, indoor gross motor skills classroom that provides the children the opportunity for releasing energy through physical movement in games and activities.

Please make an appointment for a tour and come and see our school in action! Telephone the ECEC office at: 630-323-0065.