Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center

Fly-Away Friday

Before the children “flew” to Africa they made binoculers.  We used our binoculers on a safari and learned what animals live in the Serengeti. 

We also learned that beading is an important ritual in Africa.  Beads are used to express thoughts or feeling.  Different patterns of beads are used to show happiness, friendship, and sadness.  The children made bracelets that  shared the message-“I am happy today.”


 Language Arts:

1.A.ECa  Understand that pictures and symbols have meaning and that print carries a message.


8.B.ECa  Recognize, duplicate and extend simple  patterns, such as sequences of sounds, shapes and colors.

 Physical Development and Health:

19.A.ECb  Engage in active play using fine motor skills.

Fine Arts:

25.A.ECd  Visual Arts:  Investigate the elements of visual arts.

25.B.EC  Describe or respond to their own creative work or the creative work of others.

26.A.ECd Visual Arts:  Participate in the visual arts.

26.B.EC  Use creative arts as an avenue for self-expression.