Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center

ABC…123 Monday

The children “estimated” how many seeds were in inside an apple. After each child
had guessed, we cut open the apple and counted the seeds! We also made patterns
with paper red and yellow apples. The children also weighed an apple.


6.A.ECa Use concepts that include number
recognition, counting and one-to-one correspondence.

6.A.ECb Count with understanding and
recognize “how many” in sets of objects.

6.B.EC Solve simple mathematical problems.
6.C.ECa Explore quantity and number.

6.C.ECb Connect numbers to quantities
they represent using physical models and representations.

6.D.EC Make comparisons of quantities.

7.A.ECa Demonstrate a beginning
understanding of measurement using non-standard units and measurement words.

7.B.EC Show understanding of and use
comparative words.

7.C.EC Incorporate estimating and
measuring activities into play.