Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center


We begin every PreK+ class by playing board games that teach and reinforce math, language arts, and social skills. The children are learning and they don’t even know it!



6.A.ECa  Use concepts that include number recognition, counting and one-to-one correspondence.

6.C.ECb Connect numbers to quantities they represent using physical models and representations.

Social/Emotional Development:

32.A.ECa  Begin to understand and follow rules.

32.B.ECb  Begin to share materials and experiences and take turns.

32.B.ECd  Develop relationships with children and adults.

After we listen to a story,  the children have the opportunity to write and draw what they liked best about the book. They also get to make their own little books!


Language Arts:

1.A.ECa  Understand that pictures and symbols have meaning and that print carries a message.

1.A.ECb Understand that reading progresses from left to right and top to bottom.

1.A.ECd Identify some letters, including those in own name.

1.B.ECa  Predict what will happen next using pictures and content for guides.