Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center

Preschool Schedule

The daily schedule provides a balance of experiences each day:

  • Active/quiet play
  • Large group/small group/individual experiences
  • Indoor/outdoor play
  • Large muscle/small muscle activities
  • Child-initiated/teacher-initiated activities

 The schedule provides a structure that helps the child feel secure and competent.  The child knows what the teacher expects of him and what he can expect of the teacher.  The minutes listed in the schedule are approximations that vary with the age and maturity of the children.

(15 minutes)  Jesus Time and Planning

(60 minutes) Learning Centers/Project Work

(15 minutes) Small Group Learning

(10 minutes)  Recall and Reflection in Small Groups

(15 minutes)  Snack

(20 minutes) Gross Motor

(15 minutes)  Music and Story Time