Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center


nature exploration nestFor some children this program may be their first experience with non-family members, and their first exposure to a social environment of their peers. At the ECEC we work hard to make sure that this first experience is very positive as the journey of learning is long and we aim to make it exciting and fun. The 3’s classroom is divided into learning centers; these areas that are altered daily intrinsically foster social, cognitive development, and academic skills while engaging the students desire to learn. A spirit of inquiry is fostered. Imagination and creativity flourish in the 3-year-old program.

Project work often steers their curriculum. The teacher observes the children’s interests through their play and during this observation period the teacher will present a project topic. The children will share with their teacher what they already know about the topic and then lessons are developed to encourage further exploration, questioning and discovery. It is proven that children learn more when the subject stimulates them; therefore colors, numbers, and emergent literacy are all strengthened through the topics chosen by the children. The results are incredible. During the project there will often be a field trip with parents. At the end of the project a culminating event takes place, to celebrate the children’s learning. Each child’s learning is documented in a portfolio.

nature exploration pointing